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Research Edu.


Progress is largely contingent upon thoughtful reflections, critiques, and the creative use of worthwhile ideas.

Florence Nightingale, 1860

Learning to Read Research

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  • To use research in clinical practice settings, nurses must become familiar with reading research articles. 

  • Some nurses feel intimidated by research, and others lack experience reading research reports. 

  • As you begin to read research articles:

    • Be patient with yourself

    • Skim reports and then read them thoroughly 

    • Collaborate with someone who has more expertise or experience reading research reports

    • Use your common sense and clinical expertise to critique study designs

    • Have a willingness to learn


    • After you have read a research report, share the information with your colleagues.

    • Organize a journal club where you can read and critique research reports with other nurses. 

    • Attend conferences where research is presented and discussed. 

    • Ask questions and get involved in research projects. 

    • All these strategies will help build your confidence in reading research reports and using the findings in your practice setting. 

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