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Models of EBN

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"...the character of the nurse is as important as the knowledge she possess"

Jarvis, 1996

There are various models applicable to nursing research and its corresponding utilization by healthcare professionals.

  " Research utilization refers to the use of some aspect of scientific investigation in a clinical application unrelated to the original research. The ultimate responsibility for research utilization rests within the entire nursing community. There is tremendous potential for the utilization of research throughout the nursing process" (Polit & Hungler, 1999).

THE ACE STAR MODEL: "The Cycle of Knowledge TransformationŽ is a new model for evidence-based practice (EBP) that organizes both old and new concepts of improving care into a whole and provides a framework with which to organize EBP processes and approaches" (Stevens, 2002).

THE CURN MODEL: The  Conduct and Utilization of Research in Nursing (CURN) project. Developed in 1975-1980 by the Michigan State Nurses Association with 34 hospitals participating. This model exemplifies a structures, formal organizational process that requires organizational commitment, resources, and research expertise.

THE IOWA MODEL: The Iowa Model of Research in Practice permeates research into practice to improve the overall quality of healthcare, and is a product of the Quality Assurance Model Using Research . Research utilization is viewed as an organizational process through which principles are utilized to merge research and practice. The Iowa model includes both multidisciplinary team approach evidence-based healthcare.

THE STETLER MODEL: The Stetler Model design is a structure for using the research conducted and create a vehicle for changing policies and procedures. Individual nurses, such as practitioners, educators, and policymakers, summarize research and use the knowledge to influence educational programs, make practice decisions, and impact political decision making (Burns & Grove, 1997).

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